What Is an RP Accent?


An RP also known as Received Pronunciation, the Queen's English, Oxford English, or BBC English, is the accent of Standard English in England, with a relationship to regional accents similar to the relationship in other European languages between their standard varieties and their regional forms.
Q&A Related to "What Is an RP Accent"
1 Familiarize yourself with IPA. In learning how to speak the RP accent, most of the time you will encounter the International Phonetic Alphabet so you must learn how to pronounce
Any British TV shows should help you, and the BBC World Service. Pronounce everything more carefully without slurring of the consonants, especially in the middle of words. For example
Its all about placement in your mouth - for RP you need to have really warmed up facial muscles and tongue. Repeat, the tongue, the teeth and the lips over and over to warm up. All
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