What Is an STD Code?


Subscriber trunk dialling also called subscriber toll dialling is a type of a telephone system which allows subscribers to dial trunk calls with no operator assistance.
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STD in telephony means Subscriber Truck Dialling. This term was used in Australia in telephony during the transition from operator connected trunk call (out of local exchange area
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02392 is the STD code for Hambledon, Hampshire. Hambledon is a rural village surrounded by fields and woods. There are about 400 households. report this answer. Updated on Friday,
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A STD code is a code consisting of four or even more digits other than those comprising a subscriber's local telephone number that determines the routing of a call.
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You can check a UK phone number by using a UK phone code locator that takes telephone numbers, std codes, short codes etc. It will then return the area, map location ...
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