What are ultrasonic sound waves?


Ultrasonic wave is a cyclic sound pressure whose frequency is greater than the maximum limit of human hearing. It has a minimum frequency that is above 20,000 Hz per second. It is used in navigational, industrial, electronic, and security applications.
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They are used in- (1) SONAR for finding range and direction of submarines (2) In medical field used for ultrasonography to detect any abnormalities (3) To kill microorganisms.
Sonic infrasound is a sound too low for humans
wavelength (lamda) = c / (frequency) = 3 * 10 ^ 8 / (34300)
Brain waves are the electrical impulses generated by the brain in its various functioning. They are categorized into four different types based on frequency ranges: delta (0.1-3.5
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Ultrasonic waves are waves, which are beyond the normal hearing range of humans and they vibrate more rapidly that the ear can't detect. They are mostly focused in narrow beams that are straight and have very high frequencies.
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