What Is an Unbalanced Diet?


An unbalanced diet is unhealthy and it is usually a diet that lacks some nutrients or it is not in the right quantities to ensure good health and satisfy body needs. An unbalanced diet may cause malnutrition.
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You may become overweight, or obese, you may develop a variety of health problems or symptoms, and you may develop diet related illness such as heart disease and diabetes, etc.
Diet is unbalanced when the food you eat are deficient, in excess, or eaten in wrong proportions, giving body inadequate supply of nutritients & energy
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An unbalanced diet is when one does not get (at least) the minimum amounts of each food group every day (based on the latest food chart). It can also be a diet that has a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins or proteins and less of others. An unbalanced diet is also one that contains too many refined (processed) carbohydrates.
Unbalanced diet refers to a meal that lacks certain minerals, vitamins and nutrients which are essential to your well-being. It makes one susceptible to preventable conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.
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