What Is Ancient Greece?


Ancient Greece was the area covering modern day Greece, southern Balkan Peninsula and the entire Greek speaking world of ancient times. The civilization was thriving in the Mediterranean region from the 3rd millennium to the 1st century BCE. This time came to be known as the cradle of western civilization.
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The Ancient Greeks
The ancient Classical and Hellenistic eras of Greece are undoubtedly the most splendid, having left behind a host of ideas, concepts, and art to provide the foundation of what we call “western civilization”. However, the two previous millennia that... More »
Ancient Greece is a civilization of the past Greek culture from the year 775BC to 146BC. This period is associated with the most advanced farming and war tools as well as a clearly defined hierarchical form of government. Their ancient religion also comprised of the worshiping of several gods and goddesses who were responsible for various phenomena such as the god of war and the goddess of love and beauty.
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Ancient Greece is locate for the most part where modern Greece is today. At that point in time the nation of Greece was a collection of city-states like Athens and Sparta as well
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Ancient Greece (Hellas as they called it) was distributed around the Mediterranean and Black Seas. It was not a country but hundreds of independent city-states which adopted Greek
1 Be familiar with the basic time frame of Ancient Greece. Greece as an empire was active some time before the Roman Empire starting around 800BCE and continued until the Romans conquered
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Ancient Greece is known for its architecture, mythology, wars, and Olympics. Myths such as that of Zeus, Hercules, and Medusa are among the most well known. The ...
Perhaps one of the most well known parts of Greece the people recognize is the fact that they invented the Olympics. They even only held the games every 4 years ...
Ancient Greece achievements include; creation and establishment of Olympic grounds, establishment of democracy, modern philosophy and architecture. Ancient Greece ...
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