Annatto Seed?


Annatto is an imitative of the achiote trees of tropical areas of the Americas. It is used to make a yellow to orange food colouring and also as flavouring. Its aroma is described as 'slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg' and savour as 'slightly nutty, sweet and peppery'. It is often called roucou or achiote.
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Annatto is used as a spice in Spanish and Latin American recipes. It is also used as fabric dye and body paint. Annatto is a natural extract from the achiote tree which is endemic to Latin and South America.
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It is used to color butter, margarine, cheese and smoked fish.
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Annatto is simply a seed that adds a yellowish color to your recipes. It does not add much, if any flavoring. If you want that yellowish color, you can add Tumeric for color and a
Annatto is a natural vegetable dye used to give many cheese varieties, especially the Cheddars, a yellow-orange hue. Annatto is tasteless and is not a preservative. It is naturally
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Annatto is a derivative of the achiote trees of tropical regions of the Americas used to produce a red fool coloring and also as a flavoring. ...
Annatto is an orange-red colouring matter, obtained from the pulp surrounding the seeds of Bixa Orellana, a shrub native to tropical America, and cultivated in ...
Some substitutes for Annatto seeds include paprika and saffron seeds. You can substitute achiote paste for Annatto seeds, but you must use slightly less paste ...
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