What is Anolon cookware made of?


Anolon cookware is made of hard anodized surface. This surface is achieved after aluminium is dipped in sulphuric acid and then exposed to electric current. The solution of sulphuric acid and aluminium is then brought to freezing point and the current is increased. This results in a thick coating of aluminium oxide.
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What Is Anolon Cookware Made of?
Anolon is the brand name of a nonstick cookware collection featuring several lines. Anolon is owned by Meyer Manufacturing, which also owns the brands Circulon and Farberware. Each Anolon line features different materials, but the company made its mark... More »
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Anolon cookware was made in 1987 in the USA and has a hard-anodized surface. The cookware is made of hard-anodized aluminum which involves a process of immersing the aluminum metal in sulfuric acid than exposing it to an electric current. A thick coating of aluminum oxide is produced once the electric current is increased and the aluminum and sulfuric acid freeze.
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