What Is Another Name for a Mushroom?


Mushroom is classified as fungi; hence its synonym is fungi. The fungi classification includes yeast, moulds, smut and toadstools. They are typically produced above the ground on soil on its food source. Some of these mushrooms are edible while others are harmful to one's health.
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fungithe answer abuv isn't right because fungi is the family mushrooms belong too. another name 4 a mushroom could be shroom, or mushroom in another language.
It depends on what type mushroom, there are many this website http://www.mssf.org/cookbook/names.html has a pretty good list Source(s): http://www.mssf.org/cookbook/names.html
Edible mushrooms are: Berkeley's poly pore, Bitter bolete, Blewit, Boletus
fried chicken.
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Mushrooms can also be called 'fungi', or 'fungus' if singular.
Another name for a mushroom is a fungi because this is what they are classified as. The fungi classification includes yeast, mold, smut, and toadstools.
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