What Is Another Name for Chinese New Year?


In China, the Chinese New Year is known as the Spring Festival. It has also been called the Nian Festival. The Chinese New Year typically falls in January or February.
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Chinese New Year is when Chinese people celebrate the ending of a year and the beginning of another. It is known as the time of dragon/monster killing. Chinese new year is a big festivel
Aside from cash in "red packets" (利是 or 红包) which you should only give if you're married (and generally only to those who are younger and single
One of the taboos are too leave all of the windows open because it "lets" the old year out. Another one is to clean your house. During their dinner they cant cut their noodles
农历新年快乐. 农历新年 is Chinese New Year, 快乐 means Happy. If you want to wish someone Happy Chinese New
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