What Is Another Name for Phascogale?


Another name for phascogale is pouched mice. These are small marsupials that are native to Australia, are nocturnal and live mostly in trees.
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Phasogales are also known as Red-tailed Wambengers, Tuans, or the Brush-tailed Marsupial Mouse.They are a nocturnal endangered species that lives in Australia. For more information
A phascogale may also be known as a wambenger or a tuan.
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It has the scientific name Phascogale calura. It comes in two types; the Brush-tailed Marsupial Mouse and the Red-tailed Wambenger. The phascogale is arboreal ...
Another word for Phascogale is Wambengers. The Phascogale is a carnivorous Australian marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. It has two species the red tailed Phascogale ...
wombat. numbat. phascogale. dunnart. ...
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