What Is Another Name for the Legislative Branch?


In the US many people refer to the Legislative branch of the government simply as Congress. In the United Kingdom, Canada and several other countries it is called Parliament.
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The legislative branch of the US Federal is better known as
According to Thomas H. Little and David B. Ogle, authors of the "The Legislative Branch of State Government, the first state legislature was founded in 1619 in colonial Virginia
The main job of the Legislative Branch is to our laws.
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The United States Congress
The United States Congress is part of the legislative branch and is made up of two houses -- the House of Representatives and the Senate. The primary duty of Congress is to write, debate, and pass bills, which are then passed on to the president for approval. The 113th United States Congress is scheduled to meet in Washington, DC from January 3, 2013 to January 3, 2015.
The Legislative Branch is also known as Congress. It is sometimes referred to as the House and Senate. It consists of the House, Senate, and supporting agencies.
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The main way the executive branch checks the legislative branch is through veto power. Another way includes the ability to call special sessions of Congress. The ...
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