What Is Anoxia?


The word anoxia means a total reduction in the level of oxygen, a great form of hypoxia or 'low oxygen'. It can be absence of oxygen in inspired gases, within arterial blood or in the tissues.
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Lack of oxygen in the blood supply, also called oxygen starvation. This term is used to describe a deficiency in, or blockage of, the supply of oxygen in the body. Although not common, anoxia may occur during any stage of fetal development, More »
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Anoxia means that you have a total decrease of oxygen levels or an extreme form of hypoxia. In medical terms, it means that you are being deprived of an adequate oxygen supply.
Anoxia is a condition charactised by an absence of oxygen supply to an organ or a tissue.
A wide number of factors can cause cerebral anoxia, which is the complete loss of oxygen to the brain. These factors include smoke inhalation, drowning and strangulation, either forced
Anoxia: Lack of
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Anoxia is a condition characterized by an absence of oxygen supply to an organ or a tissue. If the condition does not involve total oxygen deficiency, it is often ...
Some of the symptoms for anoxia are unconsciousness, seizures, myoclonic jerks and stiffness of the neck. Anoxia is a severe form of hypoxia in which there is ...
The absence of oxygen is referred to as anoxia. True anoxia in the human body is not usually a survivable event. ...
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