What Is Antifreeze Made of?


Most antifreeze is made of a mixture of distilled water and and a type of alcohol. It can also contain one or more of the following primary agents: Methanol, Ethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, or Glycerol.
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Antifreeze is made of either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. They are similar chemicals, but propylene glycol is significantly less toxic. The more common of the two, ethylene
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Antifreeze is a compound made from ethylene glycol or propylene glycol used in internal combustion engines to prevent fixed enclosures from deformation when the liquid in them freezes. It reduces the freezing point of the liquid and also raises its boiling point. Apart from engines, it is also used in solar water heaters and chillers.
Antifreeze is a freeze preventative used in internal combustion engines and other heat transfer applications, such as solar water heaters. The substance is normally a colligative agent which, when mixed with water, produces freezing point depression for a cold environment, and coincidentally achieves boiling point elevation of the water.
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