What Is Archery?


Archery is the art, skill or practice of propelling arrows through the use of a bow. Historically, it was used for hunting animals and as a weapon in combat. In modern times however, it is used in recreational activity. A person who practices archery is known as an archer.
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the art, practice, or skill of an archer.
archers collectively, as in an army.
the equipment of an archer, as bows and arrows.
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Archery is the skill of using a bow and arrow and aiming to hit the center of the target. The troop of archers used bow and arrows to fit in wars. Bet you didn't know that?
Do you want to know how to make archery targets? They are an important part of archery sets and it is extremely vital that they be safe. Here are some tips on how to make archery
1. Begin by explaining the fundamental rules of archery safety. Rule No. 1 is never shoot unless supervised by a responsible adult. Always keep your arrows pointed in a safe direction
Archery is the activity of shooting with a bow and arrow. . Shooting with a bow and arrow. It is very mental!
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