What Is Area in Math?


When someone is trying to find the area of an object they are referring to the space of the object. Surface area is the amount of space the object takes up.
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How much space something takes up To find an rea you times the length by the width
1. Add all of the sides of the base to find the perimeter. 2. Multiply the perimeter by the height of the shape. Remember the height is the distance between the two bases and that
The answer varies from shape to shape but the basic formula is length X width
If you have a locus of points five units away from point (A,B) then (A,B) is the middle point of that locus. If you graphed it, you'd have a halo of points five units away; if (A,
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Area is the total amount of space within a two-dimensional surface or shape.
Area, in the field of mathematics, is a term to describe how much space the two dimensional surface of an object takes up. There are different ways of finding area depending on the type of shape in question, but for quadrilaterals it is the quotient of the two side lengths. You can find more information here: http://www.math.com/tables/geometry/areas.htm
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