What is Arizona famous for?


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Jan Brewer (R)
Jan Brewer (R) is the governor of Arizona.
Governor of:
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It is one of the biggest cities in the USA.
Arizona chile con queso, tortillas & salsa.
The U.S. Census Bureau reported a population of 6,626,624 in Arizona as of 2013. There were 2,357,158 households in the state, with an average of 2.66 people per household. In 2014,
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Arizona is famous for the rich history of the American wild west where the great Indian chiefs Geronimo and Cochise led a war against the frontiersmen at Tombstone Arizona.
Arizona is famous for its stunning scenery. It is also the home to many of the world's most spectacular natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon. For this reason, warm weather tourism is one of Arizona's most important industries.
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