What is an automatic chronograph?


An automatic chronograph is a type of watch dependent exclusively on kinetic energy as its power source. "Chronograph" is defined as something that records time. In more modern watches, this references some sort of stopwatch function incorporated into a watch.

An automatic chronograph is contrasted with a digital chronograph. A digital chronograph relies upon a battery as its primary power source. "Chronograph" is associated with the word "chronometer." Technically, a chronometer is anything capable of keeping track of time, from a sundial to a watch. In more modern times, the use of chronometer is more typically associated with a highly accurate timepiece.

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Typically, "Chronograph" does not describe the movement of a watch, but rather the "complication" of a watch's movement. A watch's complication is anything that
A chronograph is a watch with timekeeping capability as well as the ability to function as a stopwatch. A chronograph can be equipped with as few as one or as many as four sub-dials
Automaticity is a term used when a person can do a task or job with little effort. A person does not need much concentration and can be very spontaneous.
chronograph: an accurate timer for recording time
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What Is an Automatic Chronograph?
An automatic chronograph is a mechanical wristwatch with added features that measure small-to-medium units of time."'Automatic" refers to a self-winding mechanism contained inside the watch, as opposed to a manual mechanical watch that needs to be... More »
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