What Is Average Salary for Montessori Teacher?


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Salary Profile for Montessori teacher
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $36,000 $44,000 $30,000
National $28,000 $34,000 $23,000
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With a M.A.C.T.E. recognized Montessori certification and a little work experience you can expect to make $25,000-30,000 annually or roughly $12-14 per hour. a disgustingly underpaid
In 2009 the Bureau of Labor Statistics collated salary information from 389,660 individuals working as preschool teachers throughout the United States. Synthesizing the data, the
The salary of a teacher depends upon a number of things. Some of those things are the cost of living for a particular area and years of experience.
I wonder if you would ask the same question of investment bankers who net millions by shuffling paper? NOBODY should ever place limits on anyone else's earnings. As a teacher I
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The average salary for a Montessori teacher was £18,556 as of 2011. The salary was at £20,000 in 2008, £18,556 in 2009 and £58,988 at 2010. A Montessori teacher deals with each child individually and follows the Montessori curriculum.
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A Montessori teacher's salary is approximately £18,556 per annum. These teachers give children of ages 2 and a half to six years teaching that nurtures ...
Montessori is a type of school in which the teaching is student led. Students are usually in classrooms with children of varying ages. The student is given work ...
The pay scale for a Montessori teacher can vary greatly. Some are paid hourly, while others are paid with a yearly salary. Hourly can be from $13.00 an hour to ...
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