What Is Back Titration?


Back titration is an analytical chemistry technique that allows the user to find the reaction of an unknown substance concentration by mixing it with something else with a known substance concentration.
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Titration is a chemical process where the solvency of a named solution is utilized to find out an unnamed solution's concentration. Titration is sometimes called volumetric analysis
A back titration is similar to a direct titration, but a bit more difficult. When an end point is not easily identified due to no colour change, an excess volume of a reactant of
( ¦ī·sə¦thər·məl tī¦trā·shən ′kal·ə′rim·əd·ər ) (biophysics
( ¦rād·ē·ō¦me·trik tī′trā·shən ) (analytical chemistry) Use of radioactive indicator to track the transfer
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Back titration is a chemical technique that is used for the chemist to find the concentration of a reactant that has an unknown concentration. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_titration
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