What Is Balanced Force?


Balanced forces is when two forces are applied on an object against the object in a different direction. If a force on the other side is greater then the object will travel the direction of the greater force.
Q&A Related to "What Is Balanced Force"
If the forces on an object are balanced, it won't move. This would apply to a captive balloon, held to the ground by a rope. The upward force of the balloon's buoyancy is balanced
Newton's Third Law of Motion states that when a body exerts force on another, the second body exerts an equal force on the first, but in the opposite direction. The two forces are
Forces occur in pairs and can be either balanced or unbalanced. Balanced
( ′förs ′bal·əns ′mēd·ər ) (engineering) A flowmeter that measures a force, such as that associated with the air pressure in a
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