What Is Benzaldehyde?


Benzaldehyde is a colourless sweet-smelling oil. It is essentially an organic compound made up of a benzene ring and a formyl substituent. The oil is generally used to make perfumes and flavours and can either be manufactured or obtained naturally.
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a colorless or yellowish, water-soluble, volatile oil, C7H6O, having a bitter, almondlike odor, used chiefly in the organic synthesis of dyes, perfumes, and flavors, and as a solvent; artificial oil of bitter almond.
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Benzaldehyde is a chemical compound consisting of a benzene ring with an aldehyde substituent.
You cannot convert benzene to benzaldehyde using the Friedel--Crafts acylation, at least not using a typical laboratory procedure, because the acyl halide required (formyl chloride
I think you are referring to the Cannizzaro reaction ( In fact strictly it doesn't undergo autooxidation. For every oxydation there must also be a reduction. In the presence of an
A ketone and an aldehyde is the
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The term benzaldehyde is a noun which refers to a colourless liquid aldehyde with a chemical symbol C6H5CHO. The liquid has the odour of bitter almonds used in ...
Benzaldehyde is soluble in water at 20 degrees Centigrade. There are a lack of oxygen in Benzaldehyde molecules. This means that Benzaldehyde has low solubility. ...
Please see the attached link for a detailed structure and description of Benzaldehyde. ...
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