What are the uses of benzalkonium chloride?


Benzalkonium chloride is a chemical compound that is included in a solution that is commonly used as a topical antiseptic. This antiseptic is used for the treatment of cuts, burns and scrapes but it is not applicable to all people because some people are allergic to benzalkonium chloride.
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chlorine. oxygen. carbon. hydrogen.
Silver chloride has several uses aside from their use in the laboratory. It is commonly used in photography paper, as an antimicrobial agent in fabric, latex, and glass, and in pottery
[C6H5CH2N(CH3)2R]Cl. Here is a spec sheet: http://www.natural-skincare-authority.co….
Benzalkonium Chloride is used as an antiseptic on surfaces and
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What Is Benzalkonium Chloride Used For?
Benzalkonium chloride (BAK or BAC) is a mixture of chemically similar substances made from animal products and possessing this chemical formula: C6H...-CH2-N?(CH3)2--CnH2n?1 Cl?, where n =... More »
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Benzalkonium chloride is used as a cationicx surfactant, biocide and as a phase transfer agent in the chemical industry. It is also known as alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride and is a nitrogenous cationic surface acting agent that belongs to the quaternary ammonium group. It is readily soluble in acetone and ethanol.
Hexachlorophene and Benzalkonium Chloride are used primarily in hand or face washes. Benzalkonium Chloride must not be applied to areas which have not been fully rinsed as it is inactivated by organic compounds. Benzalkonium application many include disinfecting instruments and preservativing drugs in low concentration form.
Benzalkonium chloride is an antiseptic agent. This agent is found mostly in liquid hand soaps and in face washes. Benzalkonium chloride is an agent that inhibits and kills bacteria. You can find more information here: http://chemicalland21.com/lifescience/phar/BENZALKONIUM%20CHLORIDE.htm
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When taking any drug it is important to understand and ask questions about the possible side effects you may experience. Benzalkonium chloride has a long list ...
One of the most common side effects of benzalkonium chloride solution is brief stinging at the site of injection. This is very common and stinging subsides fairly ...
The Chemicals in Clorox Wipes are water, Isopropyl aAlcohol, andalkyl dimethyl, benzyl, ammonium chloride (or Benzalkonium Chloride) among others. To learn more ...
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