What's Bigger MB or GB?


Gigabit (Gb) is larger than megabit (Mb). The two are measures of digital storage where one gigabit is equal to 1024 megabits therefore making it larger than megabit. They are commonly used in computing.
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Gigabit (Gb) is greater than megabyte. A gigabit is equivalent to 1024 megabits which translates to 128 megabytes and it is therefore larger than a single megabyte. This translation is based on the fact that 8 bits make a byte.
Both GB and MB are units that are used to measure the amount of data. GB is an acronym for gigabit with the giga meaning one billion or ten raised to the power of nine. This therefore means a gigabit is one billion bits. An MB on the other hand is an acronym for megabit and mega means one million therefore making one megabit to be equal to one million bits. This therefore makes the GB to be much bigger than the Mb in size.
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Yes, a gigabyte is bigger than a megabyte. For further information, you can visit: ...
A GB is bigger than an MB. MB stands for Megabyte. GB stands for Gigabyte. To give you an idea of the two, songs or movies are stored in MB, whereas your computer's ...
The difference between megabytes and gigabytes is a megabyte is about a million bytes (1024000 bytes) whereas a gigabyte is about a billion bytes (1024000000 bytes ...
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