What Is Biomass Fermentation?


Biomass fermentation refers to the anaerobic fermentation of biodegradable material such as manure and green waste to produce Biogas which is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide and make biofuel. This fuel is used in cooking or production of electricity and it is environmental friendly.
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Biomass is a biological material produced from living or recently living organisms. Like trees, animals, and garbage: The total mass of living matter within a given unit of environmental
Gustav Embden and Otto Meyerhof discovered what sequence of reactions in fermentation was needed to produce ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Microorganisms cause fermentation by
Fermentation can make some foods that are difficult to assimilate more nutritionally available. Fermentation can also help avoid some nutrient deficiencies such as beri-beri. For
manure and radioactive garbage.
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Fuel grade ethanol and other valuable commercial products can be produced by utilizing biomass as a starting raw material. Fermentation of biomass generates a gas which can be used to produce ethanol.
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