What Is Biotechnology Used for?


Biotechnology is the use of living systems to develop products. Some of its uses include medical diagnosis and treatment, gene therapy, seed as breed improvement in agriculture. It is also used to recycle industrial waste and development of biological weapons.
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Biotechnology is the manipulation of biological processes for industrial uses. It is also used in engineering, medicine and technology. It can also be simply defined as the use of living organisms by human beings.
Biotechnology is the application of biology to produce industrial enzymes, improved plants and animals, medicines and pesticides from living organisms or their parts. The aim of products made from biotechnology is to improve the quality of human life.
Biotechnology studies advancements in several aspects of food technology, science, medicine, and agriculture. It has a wide range of uses, such as helping find ways to enhance plants to enable them to fight diseases and pests, to synthesizing enzymes, or creating pharmaceuticals.
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