What Is Bitumen Paint?


Bitumen paint contains bitumen and is a solvent based paint with good water, acid and alkali resistance. It is used for the protection of galvanised iron gutters, down pipes, metal railings, priming dry concrete decks and metals exposed to air.
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#BITUMEN PAINT conforms to BS3416: Type 1. Class A for the waterproofing and weather protecting of. steelwork, concrete and potable water tanks. BITUMEN PAINT is used for the protection
Read the standard EN 12591. Bitumen and bituminous binders - Specifications for paving grade bitumens.
It is an oil in water emulsion and therefore the water boils first at 212 F the bitumen probably boils at much much higher temperature. http://www.martinasphalt. com/doc.
( ′nach·rəl bə′tü·mən ) (geology) Native mineral pitch, tar, or asphalt.
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Bitumen paint is a general-purpose paint made from bitumen that provides protection for a range of substrates. It provides protection for all outdoor structures above the ground or in contact with the ground. It is ideal as a waterproof coating for steel, iron, concrete, brickwork, cement and zinc.
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