What Is Black and White and Red All over?


‘What is black and white and red all over’ is a famous comic book riddle made by humorist animator, Harvey Kurtzman between 1917 and 1939. The riddle is referring to a newspaper, taking advantage of the fact that the words “red” and “read” are homophones. It means that a newspaper is white, printed in black and is read all over the world.
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What animal is black and white and red all over? a panda with measles.
Is it a sunburnt penguin?
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The newspaper is black, white and red (read) all over. Any more questions to try to stump us? Jokes?
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The answer to the riddle black and white and red all over is the newspaper. The answer and riddle relies on the fact that red and read are homophones. It is an example of an American folk riddle. Interestingly, this riddle cannot be translated to another language.
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