What Is Blue Clay Soil?


Blue clay soil is a clay soil that is very dense, holds water and needs to be loosened to allow prope4re drainage. It is bluish in colour thus its name and is commonly found along the Mississippi and Minnesota's Red Rivers. Other types of clay are grey and red clay soil.
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1. Dig up the garden area with a shovel or rototiller several days after a rain and before the ground becomes too dry but is not wet. Remove all grass, weeds and rocks. 2. Cover the
1. Before amending, decide whether you don't want to grow plants that tolerate clay soil. This is probably the easiest option, and though you'll be limited to a certain segment of
1. Remove all the existing weeds and grass from the area to be seeded. This can be done with a tiller, an herbicide or by hand weeding. Grass is not a strong competitor against many
1. Measure the length and width of the area of clay soil you wish to amend. Multiply the two figures to give you the square footage. You will want to cover this entire area with an
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