Boric Acid Powder Uses?


Boric acid is a weak acid of boron that is often used as an antiseptic, neutron absorber, flame retardant and as an insecticide. It exists in the form of a white powder or colourless crystals which dissolve in water. It is called sassolite when it occurs as a mineral and is prepared by reacting borax with a mineral acid.
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Boric acid is a white, crystalline solid of chemical formula H?BO? which is sometimes written B(OH) It is only sparingly soluble in water. It melts at 170 degrees Celsius, at which
Boric acid is a chemical often used for pest control, especially roaches. It uses are quite varied though including ceramic glaze and eye cleaner. Look here for more information:
Boric acid powder is used as an insecticide, a preservative, and a fire
I know you can use boric acid to treat ants , but is it harmful to your pets ? esp dogs !
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What Is Boric Acid Powder?
Boric acid, also known as orthoboric acid or boracic acid, is generally considered a “safe” insecticide of relatively low human toxicity. It occurs naturally in plants (including vegetables), and small quantities are necessary for proper... More »
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McKesson Boric Acid Powder NF is pest control product best for stopping roaches and flea infestation. The product has got Boric acid powder which is a weak acid ...
Boric acid roach killer is a liquid acid used to terminate cockroaches. How to make roach killer paste from boric acid powder; first make a shortening and sugar ...
Borax contains boric acid. Borax and Boric acid are not the same thing. Borax is a white powder used as a cleaning agent and, in some places, as a preserving agent ...
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