What is bough?


From my knowledge a bough is a main branch on a tree. The boughs of certain trees like cedar or holly are sometimes used to decorate during the Christmas season.
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a branch of a tree, especially one of the larger or main branches.
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a small branch of a tree.
A bough pot is an accessory designed to contain soil so flowers or other plants can be displayed. Unlike traditional pots, bough pots may be made of ceramic and are often decorated
(bou) n. A tree branch, especially a large or main branch. [Middle English, from Old English bōh.]
Your answer is noun | any of the larger branches of a tree. Src:
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Boughs are limbs of a tree or otherwise simply referred to as tree branches. Small tree branches are known as twigs and large branches are known as boughs. ...
A bough is part of the framework of a structure such as a cradle or loft in a barn. This part of the structure allows the other framework to rest upon it and provides ...
"Bough" means branches and "holly" is a type of plant, so it will be "branches of holly. ...
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