What Is Brassy Hair?


Brassy hair is blonde hair that looks orange. It is usually as a result of using chemical colouring agents on it. Letting hair dye stay for long so that it can penetrate natural hair and using very light blonde hair dye are also major causes of brassy hair. It can be taken care of by using hair toner and washing hair using blonde hair shampoo.
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Dyeing hair an inappropriate shade could be one reason for brassy hair color. If your natural hair color is black, you won't be able to reach the desired blond if you go lighter.
ive got bleach bleach white/blonde hair and trust me ive been through brassy and back =| i have to use the right shampoos to make sure it doesnt go brassy cos it happens really easily
1. Condition your hair regularly. This will make it softer and help the dye fade. Plus, conditioning your hair eliminates tangles and split ends! Ad. 2. Use a blue or purple shampoo
It depends on your natural hair coloring or the existing hair color of your hair. For ex. If my hair was jet black ( or a very dark dark brown and I wanted to go to a blonde, normally
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When hair with red and golden undertones is chemically lightened, it can turn an unflattering brassy shade if you or the stylist did not lift the hair tone enough or if your natural hair colour is a deep shade and you were trying to lighten it substantially in one process. It is also the stage where the dye you put in on the second stage is fading, but there is still some remaining, and the yellowness of your hair underneath are mixing together and giving a funny look to the hair.
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