What is browning plaster?


Browning plaster is an undercoat plaster, for application on more permeable surfaces. It is a type of Thistle plasters and made by British Gypsum, less expensive and the best.
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Lime. Many plasters are made from a base of lime. However, the proportion of lime to other ingredients in plaster is something that varies greatly depending on who originally made
It is made from a soft rock called gypsum. The gypsum is heated to about 1500C to remove its H2O (water) content. It becomes a dry powder, with the chemical name gympsum hemihydrate
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This is a type of plaster that is usually used in renovation projects as these houses are nearly all dry lined with plasterboard. Browning plastic are wet trades and if they are applied on walls it will takes months for them to dry out properly. Anyone using browning plaster on a full wall requires to be properly skilled.
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