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A bunker is a compartment which is used by the ships machinery for the storage of fuel oil. Therefore bunkering is the act of taking in bunkers onboard the ship.
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a large bin or receptacle; a fixed chest or box: a coal bunker.
a fortification set mostly below the surface of the ground with overhead protection provided by logs and earth or by concrete and fitted with openings through which guns may be fired.
Golf. any obstacle, as a sand trap or mound of dirt, constituting a hazard.
Golf. to hit (a ball) into a bunker.
to equip with or as if with bunkers: to bunker an army's defenses.
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Bunkering is a term that refers to the process or act of replenishing or supplying a ship with fuel. This is usually done from a specialized vessel designed for that particular task, transferring fuel from one ship to another.
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Bunker Hill is a place where a battle was fought early in the American Revolution. This battle, called the Battle of Bunker Hill, took place on June 17, 1775.
1. Study the terrain to plan the best route to approach the bunker. 2. Split your group into two. The first group will be positioned towards the front of the bunker. They will keep
A bomb that is designed to attack underground fortified positions by penetrating rock or concrete to a certain depth before exploding.
Bunkers were concrete structures used to protect civilians from bombs and shells. The German bunkers were made of very hard concrete that was re-inforced. The walls were very thick
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A bunker is a large bin or tank for fuel storage, as on a ship. The term also refers to an underground fortification of steel and concrete containing a bomb shelter ...
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Bunker fuel is liquid fuel which is fractionally distilled from crude oil. This fuel is commonly used in ships and is considered highly pollutant. Bunker fuel ...
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