What Is Burnished Leather?


Burnished leather refers to a process where the shoe surface is buffed to achieve an antiquing effect of the leather. It is a type of leather finish that creates a contrasting, rubbed-off appearance with variation of shade.
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1. Clean the leather thoroughly before burnishing. You don't want to rub debris or dust into the leather while working on it. This could create damage you can't fix. 2. Make sure
burnished: made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing
n A burnisher that resembles a beaver’s tail in shape; the broad, flat blade is smoothly continuous with the shank, meeting it in a slight curve; the edges and the point are
burnishing is basically a finishing process. it is done by rubbing with a good preassure on the surface to be finished.burnishing can be done on glass, pottery, metals etc. there
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Burnished leather is leather that has been given a finish that looks smooth and polished. This is generally done at the edges of the leather. If the leather has been properly burnished, it has an antique, worn look, but smooth and shiny. The burnished portion of the leather will have a different shade than the unburnished portion. The method that is used for burnishing depends on the piece of leather being worked on as well as the person doing it.
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