Calcium Bicarbonate?


Calcium hydrogen carbonate is not a known solid compound and it exists in aqueous solutions with a combination of ions calcium dissolved carbon dioxide, bicarbonate and carbonate. Bicarbonates are major cause of hard water, CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) ? Ca(HCO3)2(as).
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Calcium bicarbonate is also called calcium hydrogen carbonate, does not refer to a known solid compound; it “exists” only in a solution containing the ions calcium, dissolved
Calcium bicarbonate , also called calcium hydrogencarbonate, is a compound
calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3)2 is also called calcium hydrogen carbonate which is solid. But calcium bicarbonate exists only in liquid (aq. form. so calcium bicarbonate is not baking
1. a bicarbonate that is a major cause of hard water
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Calcium bicarbonate is also known as calcium hydrogencarbonate. Its chemical formula is (Ca(HCO3)2). It exists in aqueous solution that contains calcium, bicarbonate and carbonate ions. It is what causes hardness in water.
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