What are the uses of calcium chloride?


Calcium chloride is a white crystalline powder used as a drying agent, a refrigerant and a preservative. The powder is also known for being deliquescent.
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Choline enhances and accelerates growth in animals during times of rapid development. It is especially effective at doing so in poultry, and so it is a common poultry feed additive.
Calcium chloride is commonly used as an electrolyte and has an extremely
Got this from chemtutor.com - better answer. BALANCING IONIC EQUATIONS WITH POLYATOMIC IONS. Silver nitrate and calcium chloride solutions combined produce a precipitate of silver
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The two primary uses for calcium chloride are in making other calcium salts and in fertilizing soil. It is also used in the process of making certain chocolates and cheeses, as a drying agent, and in supplements to promote bone and joint health.
Two of the most common uses of a calcium chloride source are production of many other calcium salts and soil fertilization. Calcium chloride source can also be used to settle dust on roads. The plastic industry uses calcium chloride to make firm and solid plastic items.
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