What Is Cape Verdes Climate?


Cape Verde is an island country located in the central Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde's climate is pleasantly tropical and dry with year round average temperatures between 26° and 30° C, uninterrupted sunshine from November to May and a rainy season between the months of June and October . The Winds from the Sahara Desert in Africa bring clouds of sands in the air and rainfall is less and irregular. The name of the country originates from the nearby Cap Vert, on the Senegalese coast.
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The Cape Verde Islands are located just off of the western coast of Africa. It is a island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. The country became independent of Portugal in 1975.
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1 Consider the potential of owning property in Cape Verde. Cape Verde is socially and politically stable, with friendly people; year-round sunshine; white sand beaches; pristine seas
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The population of Cape Verde is approximately 536,371. Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean ...
The currency in Cape Verde islands is Escudo and the currency has pictures of sailing boats. It is pegged at 110 to the Euro and about 125 to the pound. It is ...
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