What are the uses of carbonic acid?


Carbonic Acid is used for making soft drinks, inexpensive and artificially carbonated sparkling wines and other bubbly drinks. However, carbonic acid usually forms two kinds of salts, the carbonates and the bicarbonates.
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Carbonic acid is a weak aqueous solution that is formed when carbon dioxide dissolves in water. It is mostly formed during rain and is responsible for corrosion of metal roof tops.
Carbonic acid, not to be confused with carbolic acid, is typically used in the production of soft drinks, as well as artificially carbonated wines and other assorted bubbly beverages.
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Carbonic acid is usually only found in a solution. It is a chemical found in small amounts when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water. It is a weak acid. You ...
Carbonic acid is best know for being in pop. The carbonic acid creates what you know as the fizz that happens. The chemical formula for carbonic acid is H2CO3. ...
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