What Is Castor Oil Used for?


Castor oil can be used in the home for pain remedies, cooking and for skin care purposes. Most castor oil is used in the preparation or making of lotions and soaps.
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Ancient Egyptians used castor oil extensively in protecting their eyes and lips from the dry desert winds as well as in oil lamps for illumination. The Egyptians also believed the
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Back in 1740, Castor Oil was first used as a laxative, and a lubricant for soap
( ′kas·tər mə′shēn ′öil ) (materials) Petroleum-base lubricating oil thickened with an aluminum-base soap, such as aluminum oleate.
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Castor oil has a number of uses. For starters, it is used as a laxative and many mothers use it to relieve their children's tummy aches. It is also used to lubricate wheels of wagons, carts and was also used as an aircraft lubricant. For beautification purposes, it is also used to remove split ends and cure for dandruff.
Castor oil is described as a vegetable oil that is obtained from the castor seed. It is a colourless or pale yellow liquid with a mild or no odour and taste. This oil has been used for many years to ease constipation and induce vomiting.
Castor oil has been used for many years to help relieve constipation and in getting rid of worms. It is used in pregnant women to help bring on labour and also used as a lubricant for preparing leather.
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