What Is Cat 5?


Cat 5 refers to a twisted pair of cable for carrying signals. It is used in the structured cabling for computer networks like the Ethernet. The four pairs have different precise number of twists per metre and this is usually minimizes crosstalk between the pairs.
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What Is Cat5?
When a computer connects to the Internet using a high-speed source, it often uses a Cat5 cable to connect either to a router or a modem. Cat5 cables are the cables used to network computers together or wire a single computer to the Internet. These... More »
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Cat-5 refers to a is a twisted pair cable for carrying signals in structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet. It may as well refer to the highest category a tropical cyclone can obtain in the Saffir-Simpson scale.
Cat 5 is a type of cable, known as Category 5 cable. It is a twisted cable that is used for computer networks. The most common networks that use it are ATM and Ethernet.
Cat 5 is an abbreviation that is used for Category 5 cable. Category 5 cable is used for networking because it is capable of high speed data transmission.
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CAT5 or Category 5 is cable used for LAN networking using Ethernet. That wire contains total 8 inner wires. 6 are used for 100 base & all are used for 1000base.
Cat5 cables have four pairs of twisted wires that are normally 24 gauge. The twisting helps to minimize electrical interference. Those wires are then covered with a shielding that
1 Determine the amount of Cat-5 cable you will need. If you only need a few lengths of cord to wire a home network or other small network, consider buying cables in finished lengths
1. Cut the amount of network cable needed using scissors. Strip about 1 to 2 inches of the outside covering off of the end of each wire using your wire strippers. Untwist the twisted
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