What Is Cat Litter Made of?


Non-clumping cat litter is usually made from zeolite, diatomite, or sepiolite. Clumping litter is made from bentonite clay or calcium bentonite. They both often contain additives like baking soda and fragrance crystals to contain odors.
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Cat litter that clumps together is made from a special type of clay called bentonite, which sticks together when it becomes wet. Bentonite is usually mixed with quartz and diatomaceous
you put it in a bag and put it in the black bin.
Nature's Choice Feline Pine is recommended more than any other. It is biodegradable
One of the most reliable for keeping odors at bay, as well as
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What Is Cat Litter Made of?
Until the late 1940s, when clay-based cat litters were developed, most cat owners used sand to fill their litter boxes. Now, there are a variety of materials used in cat litter, each with different properties and advantages.... More »
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