What Is Cat Litter Made of?


Non-clumping cat litter is usually made from zeolite, diatomite, or sepiolite. Clumping litter is made from bentonite clay or calcium bentonite. They both often contain additives like baking soda and fragrance crystals to contain odors.
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Most kitty litters you find will be made out of clay. Some are made from silica as well, which is considered to have the highest absorbency of any litter, along with excellent odor
Bentonite Clumping cat litters are made of bentonite clay, which sticks together when wet. The bentonite is usually mixed with quartz and diatomaceous earth, which are absorbent.
Background H. Edward Lowe is considered the father of the cat litter industry. In January 1947, Lowe had a thriving building supply business in Cassopolis, Michigan. One of Lowe's
A good cat litter box depends on the need of the pet owner. Someone who has enough time and energy to manually clean the litter box can get a simple box for less than $20. They also
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What Is Cat Litter Made of?
Until the late 1940s, when clay-based cat litters were developed, most cat owners used sand to fill their litter boxes. Now, there are a variety of materials used in cat litter, each with different properties and advantages.... More »
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Most cat litter is made of clay and therefore absorbs oils. Clay is usually very absorbent that it can take on its weight in moisture and thereafter remain solid ...
One of the best kinds of litter for a declawed cat is Nature's Miracle. You could also just use shredded newspaper. You don't want to use just regular cat litter ...
No, it is not considered dangerous for dogs to eat cat litter and its contents. This benign act is widely known as coprophagia throughout the veterinarian profession ...
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