What Is Catering?


Catering is the act of food provision in a professional capacity, typically at social events. It is providing with what is needed or required. Another definition is that of being particularly attentive or solicitous.
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1. Discuss your expectations with the customer as far ahead of time as possible. Discuss the items on the menu, the number of guests or amount of food, any special dietary needs,
lotto. Catering is a business that provides meals or snacks (along with silverware) for special events, such as weddings, graduations, ceremonies, corporate events, etc.
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1. Target the middle class weddings. You want a clientele that doesn't have time to do the catering themselves, has the money to afford a caterer but is still cost conscious. It's
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What Is a Caterer?
A caterer is a person who prepares food for others. Caterers can work in a multitude of different environments. Caterers can cater, or prepare food for, parties, funerals, fund raisers, or any number of functions. Caterers can create airline food or... More »
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The disadvantages of catering are catering being very hectic in terms of meeting deadlines for clients and doing a lot of work by your self. Last, you need to ...
There are two main types of catering which are: on-premise and off premise. On-premise catering refers to food that is prepared and served in the same place to ...
Hospitality is a service industry that consists of hotels, resorts and casinos, as part of a business relationship they provide comfort and guidance to strangers ...
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