What Is Catering?


Catering is the act of food provision in a professional capacity, typically at social events. It is providing with what is needed or required. Another definition is that of being particularly attentive or solicitous.
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Typically, caterers-which can include chefs, cooks and preparation workers-prepare a wide variety of foods that range from side dishes to main courses and complete meals. Caterers
a caterer is someone/a company that cooks food for special events.
Apps for investors naturally cater to the wealthy. Examples include. angelsoft.net. profounder.com. thinkorswim.com. angellist.com.
The catering industry is important to the UK economy as it employs around 2.4m people across the country and contributes £34bn in gross tax revenue and is UK'S fifth largest
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What Is a Caterer?
A caterer is a person who prepares food for others. Caterers can work in a multitude of different environments. Caterers can cater, or prepare food for, parties, funerals, fund raisers, or any number of functions. Caterers can create airline food or... More »
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