What Is Catering?


Catering is the act of food provision in a professional capacity, typically at social events. It is providing with what is needed or required. Another definition is that of being particularly attentive or solicitous.
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Typically, caterers-which can include chefs, cooks and preparation workers-prepare a wide variety of foods that range from side dishes to main courses and complete meals. Caterers
a caterer is someone/a company that cooks food for special events.
Apps for investors naturally cater to the wealthy. Examples include. angelsoft.net. profounder.com. thinkorswim.com. angellist.com.
'Cater' is an intransitive verb that means to provide a supply of food or something that is desired.
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What Is a Caterer?
A caterer is a person who prepares food for others. Caterers can work in a multitude of different environments. Caterers can cater, or prepare food for, parties, funerals, fund raisers, or any number of functions. Caterers can create airline food or... More »
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