Chinese Fan Dance Steps?


Chinese fan dancing is a traditional Chinese folk dancing dating back to about two thousand years ago.The formalized Chinese fan dance was developed during the Han dynasty and dates back to to two thousand years ago. Most of the Chinese fan dances began as ceremonial rituals and although the dance movements have not changed they dances are now days a representation of beauty, grace, skill, tradition and history.
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About the Chinese Fan Dancing
Most traditional Chinese folk dances can be dated to between 4,000 and 6,000 years ago. The formalized Chinese fan dance dates from 2,000 years ago and was developed during the Han dynasty.... More »
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it is cool. you hold a fan and swing it back and forth.
1. Ask at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant or laundry if proprietors know of a family member, a friend or an acquaintance who can teach the hand movements. Because this is an art
The evolution of modern Chinese dance has taken up by zealous
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A Chinese fan dance is a cultural dance performed with hand fans. Fan dances are common in Asian cultures. There are also Vietnamese, Japanese, and Koren fan dances ...
The Chinese fan dance originated from the use of the Chinese fan in sheltering people from the sun and offering protection from blowing wind from as far back as ...
In dance, a Fan Kick is a dance move that requires engagement of all the muscles in the body. The leg muscles should be extended so as to give the dancer a fan ...
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