What Is CIF Resolution?


CIF Resolution stands for Common Intermediate Format Tenacity. It systematizes the horizontal and vertical firmness in pixels and it was also planned interchange PAL or NTSC standards. CIF was organized to make easy calculations.
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Answer CIF = 352x288 QCIF = 176X220 QVGA = 320x240 VGA = 640x480
Hi there, CIF resolution is 352x288 resolution. This is about 0.1 megapixels. :) It's slightly better than a TV screen's resolution, but much smaller than any computer screen. Hope
About Samba. Samba is an open-source project designed to provide interconnectivity between computers running Unix or Linux, and those running the Windows operating system. As Mac
(Common Internet File System) The file sharing protocol used in Windows. It evolved out of the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol in DOS, which is why the terms CIFS/SMB and SMB/
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