What is cinnabar?


Cinnabar is a quartz-like mineral that has been called red mercury or red lead. In the past it was used quite a bit for its pigmentation, but due to the risk of mercury poisoning it is not used as much for that purpose.
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it is an ore of mercury
Cinnabar:1:of a vivid red to reddish-orange color; 2:a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric
cinnabar: a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric sulfide; large red-and-black European moth
Cinnabar is a colorful mineral that adds a unique color to the mineral color palette. Its cinnamon to scarlet red color can be very attractive. Well shaped crystals are uncommon and
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a mineral, mercuric sulfide, HgS, occurring in red crystals or masses: the principal ore of mercury.
red mercuric sulfide, used as a pigment.
bright red; vermillion.
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Cinnabar is a bright red mineral that consists of mercury sulphide. It is a very important ore of mercury and it is sometimes used as a pigment. The term is also ...
Mercury comes from volcanoes, weathering of rocks and coal burning power plants. Mercury is also mined in cinnabar ores in Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan and Algeria ...
Sulfur is found naturally around hot springs, volcanoes and in meteorites. It can also be found in cinnabar, gypsum, Epsom salts, stibnite, sphalerite, iron pyrites ...
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