What Is CLS Timber?


CLS timber is a timber surfaced on all four sides and has rounded arrases. It is produced in a range of sizes and widely used in the timber frame industry. CLS is the ideal product to use for stud partitioning. This kiln dried carcass is a product that has been machined on all 4 faces and edges in the country of origin to produce consistent finished sizes. The eased corners aid handling on site.
Q&A Related to "What Is CLS Timber"
CLS Stands for[ Canadians lumber systems] they were the first to run dressed timber sections with the Ari's taken off [rounded corners ]
cls is is a softwood cut from fast growing pines making it suitable for the building trade as it grows so fast it is mass produced. used mainly for carcassing and studing it is very
Timber is what loggers yell when they cut down a tree.OK everyone knows they use machines to do that now. Timber is the term for wood before it has been cut into lumber.
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