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Cost and freight is a common trading term that is used in shipping goods internationally. It defines two separate and distinct responsibilities, in which one is dealing with the actual cost of merchandise C and the other F refers to the freight charges to a predetermined destination point.
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Cnf shipping is the type of shipping where the client pays the cost and freight charges before the goods are delivered to the expected destination. Risks are always transferred to the buyer when in transit. The seller pays for insurance of the goods.
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Terminla Handling Charge.
Cost and Freight - it means that the cargo is not insured (that would be CIF). Also, the costs are only paid up to a point. Terminal Handling Charges (THC) in the arrival country,
CIF m mean is: the seller pay the Cost, insurance and freight to distance port. CIF means the buyer insures the goods for the maritime phase of the voyage, the shipper/seller will
FOB means Freight on Board. CFR (Cost and Freight) This term formerly known as CNF (C&F) defines two distinct and separate responsibilities-one is dealing with the actual cost
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The difference between FOB and CNF is who is responsible for the items being shipped and when this responsibility ends. FOB means that the shipper is only responsible ...
CNF stands for Conjunctive Normal Form. This term however is mostly used in shipping and it is when the seller pays for all freight charges to destination port ...
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