What Is Colombia Known for?


The beautiful country of Columbia is known for its emeralds, the myth of El Dora do, its tropical landscapes and its capital, which has produced two of the most well known South Americans of the twentieth century. One of these was Pablo Escobar Gaviria, who was a terrorist, and a killer. The second man was Gabriel Garcia, a Nobel Prize laureate who stood steadfast by his beliefs and lived most of his life exiled from the country of his birth.
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colombia is known for its emeralds and for the coffee there.the next time you go grocery shopping, buy colombian coffee.you won't regret it!
The official currency used in Colombia is the Columbian peso. The symbol for the Colombian peso is COL$ The biggest banknotes is from 50.000 pesos.
Elevated regions, generally speaking, are really cold or extremely hot, depending on the time of year in question. Yet Bogota, Colombia's largest city, breaks this mold. Extremes
Cali is the third largest city and known as the capital of Salsa. Go there if you want to dance all night and listen to great bands. Embed Quote
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Colombia's back. After decades of civil conflict, Colombia is now safe to visit and travelers are discovering what they've been missing. The diversity of the country may astonish you. Modern ... More »
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Colombia is a country in South America and its capital city is Bogota. It is a beautiful country that offers everything a tourist could dream of - ancient ruins, Caribbean beaches, Amazon jungles, snow-capped peaks and beautifully preserved colonial towns bustling with a people famous for their vibrancy and love for life. Unfortunately, Colombia is still torn apart by a bloody civil war.
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