What Is Companion Planting?


Companion planting is the practice of planting several kinds of plants together and, usually, in the same area. This is aimed at enhancing growth, beauty or flavour of either or both the plants.
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companion planting
the cultivation of different types of plants in close proximity so as to benefit each other, as planting a deer-repellent plant in a flower garden.
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1. Mix and deposit the soil in your raised bed using a wheelbarrow. Nail wood together to form a 10-by-20-foot raised bed. Place the frame in your chosen location and fill with 50
1 Understand the ways in which companion planting can help improve your gardening. There are a number of possible benefits, including: [1] Flavour improvement – some plants
Companion planting takes a bit of research and planning, however if you follow up and garden in this manner, the only disadvantage I can think of is what to do with the much increased
n. The cultivation of certain kinds of plants together in the same area, especially if one species will benefit from another, as planting an insect-repellent plant in a vegetable
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Companion planting is best used by both farmers and gardeners to guard crops and vegetables from pests and other insects and to get good produce. Companion planting ...
1. Choose a planting location for your bougainvillea vine and nemesia companion plant. Bougainvillea and nemesia are warm climate, full-sun plants that grow best ...
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