What Is Computer Maintenance?


Computer maintenance is the art of ensuring that computers are in a good state of repair. This art encompasses computer cleaning, backup, disk maintenance and software update maintenance.
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defrag then back up all your files so that if theirs unwanted thing happen your files it was save,also transfer the file in external hard drives,remove the application that not use.
1. Download Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner. This application is specifically for Macintosh computers running OS 10.5 or later, and improves your computer's performance by clearing the
The easiest way to understand computer software is to grasp the meaning of computer hardware, which consists of the physical components of a computer, including the hard drive, motherboard
The CPU in a computer handles the computations that take part in processing data. It retrieves information from the computer memory and executes instructions. CPUs are found in large
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About Computer Maintenance
You made a large investment in your computer. Keeping it maintained will allow you to enjoy it for many years. If not properly maintained, computers can become very slow, overheat easily and otherwise become more of a hassle to use and operate. Running... More »
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